Herak/Bulatkin Quartet


Herak/Bulatkin Quartet – an electrifying convergence of four distinct musical voices thriving in the vibrant Dutch music scene.

Co-led by the prodigious young talent, Daniel Bulatkin, at the helm of the piano and keys, this quartet weaves a tapestry of musical innovation. Joined by the formidable and inventive rhythm section featuring Johannes Fend on bass and the dynamic Martin Hafizi on drums, the Herak/Bulatkin Quartet promises an unparalleled musical journey.

The Herak/Bulatkin Quartet draws inspiration from a diverse array of influences, with original compositions reflecting their deep connection to Slavic heritage and Central-Eastern European folk music. This cultural fusion extends into the realms of improvised music, contemporary compositions, and the ever-evolving language of jazz.

The quartet's repertoire is a celebration of rhythmic freedom and seamless interaction, creating a sonic landscape that is both rich and dynamic. Their performances are an invitation to explore the intersections of tradition and innovation, where each note tells a story deeply rooted in heritage yet boldly embracing the future.

Miro Herak - vibraphone/composition
Daniel Bulatkin - piano/keys/composition
Johannes Fend - bass
Martin Hafizi - drums