KuVenda’s music emanates freedom, playfulness, urge to improvise, and controlled ‘rule-breaking’. 

Vibraphonist Miro Herak, guitarist Andrés Thor, drummer Vinsent Planjer and bassist Andrea Caruso join forces in a quartet that blends together their atmospheric collective sounds inspired from north, east, south and mid Europe. 

In April 2021 KuVenda released their debut EP titled "Step One".

Review by Marcin Kozinski:

Step One is an interesting, versatile, and moreover, really good album. All four musicians have their own artistically diverse backgrounds. They are well-aware of their talent and individual skills, who combine elements of traditional jazz, improvisation, experimental, and outside of jazz genre also world music. It's a journey through various jazz traditions, stylistics and ,multicultural influences.

"KuVenda blazes the paths leading to suggestive and autonomous soundscapes. It’s hard not to appreciate the transcendence emanating from this music. The imagination of the listener easily breaks free with so much sonic sensation. "
"Soloists skilfully move through space created by the rhythm section, filling it up with attractive improvisations. They create sonic nuances with devilish virtuosity. "